Territory Funerals

I was dropping off some paperwork at Thorak Cemetery last week and I noticed some new business cards on display in the office. Territory Funerals. A new local business, offering extremely customised funeral services without the high NT price tag. I rang the number straight away and arranged to drop in and meet Robert at their newly opened office.

Upon meeting Robert, he immediately makes you feel at ease, understood and valued all at the same time. An essential in this industry, working closely with families in various stages of shock and grief. 

Robert has been a Funeral Director for nearly 16 years and worked for a family owned funeral home in Nambour, QLD. He is passionate about helping families and catering to exactly what they want. He is offering services to families based purely on their ideas and budget. If families want to arrange their own pastor, flowers, music, decorations or other items to save on costs, they are encouraged and supported. This is not a one package suits all kind of place, it felt caring and real.


Offering both cremations and burials, I really hope this local business can get their name out into the wider Darwin community and help local families avoid paying super high price tags for services or products they don't want or need. Families are vulnerable enough after losing a loved one, they do not need to be pushed towards purchasing items they don't want and can't afford.

Death is not an opportunity to make money, it is a sacred event that we will all attend one day. People like Robert and myself are trying to do our part to make this industry more family focused, friendly and affordable.  

Big love, Nickie x